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LDS Baby Blessing Suits, Dresses, Gowns, and Outfits

LDS Baby Blessing Suits, Dresses, Gowns, and Outfits

A beautiful selection of baby blessing gowns, suits, dresses, and accessories for any special occasion. We have a fantastic collection of infant blessing dresses and outifts to fit your baby blessing. Whether you are looking for an LDS blessing dress or other special event, our baby blessing dresses fit many occasions.

Featured Items


    CO32GS 254x365 LDS Blessing Dresses, Suits, and Outfits

    This baby blessing dress is traditional and very classic. It is simple, yet elegant and well made. The fabric is a sturdy cotton. There is hand embroidery around the neckline and along the hem. From the bodice, the skirt is pin-tucked to allow it to flow out to a long, beautiful skirt.

    The sleeves are slimmer, a touch longer, and a ribbon-tied bow adorns the side of each sleeve. The bonnet is a pioneer style, with a wide brim and pouched back. It also has hand embroidery along the side of the brim.

    not rated $149.99 Select options

    CA25GS 262x365 LDS Blessing Dresses, Suits, and Outfits

    You will love this adorable, Southern Belle styled Baby Blessing Dress that is made of batiste cotton. The bodice is layered by cluny lace and a silk bow is delightfully tied to the corner. The neck and sleeves are also trimmed in the same fashioned lace, as well as the skirt and bonnet, which have a triple tier of cluny lace and ribbon.

    Batiste Cotton is a thin, light-weight cotton fabric that resembles linen. The fabric had its start in France and has traditionally been used for christening gowns and lace handkerchiefs.

    Cluny Lace is lace made of thick cotton thread that is braided & twisted.

    not rated $137.99 Select options

    PC60GS 253x365 LDS Blessing Dresses, Suits, and Outfits

    The gown is charming, accented with organza ruching down the bodice, around the skirt, and along the bonnet. A delecate flower also adorns the bonnet. Truly delightful!

    not rated $119.73 Select options

    CO64GS 236x365 LDS Blessing Dresses, Suits, and Outfits

    This Breath-taking gown serves well as a baby blessing outfit or any special occasion. Venice Lace trims the bodice and the matching bonnet. The Italian lace also trims the bottom of the gown and a mulit-ribbon bow finishes the look. An amazing price for such a find!

    not rated $81.92 Select options

    BJ06GS 234x365 LDS Blessing Dresses, Suits, and Outfits

    This baby blessing gown is lined with a lightweight taffeta, making it seem very delicate. An embroidered diamond pattern makes up the bodice, which is lined with ribbon on the bottom and decorated with a white flower and ribbon streams. Matching flower and ribbon are sewn to a simple boonet. The doll sleeves are also trimmed in a sheen.

    Taffeta is crisp yet soft and smooth to the touch. It is famously lustrous and glimmery in appearance.

    see also organza.

    not rated $69.99 Select options

    BJ24GS 236x365 LDS Blessing Dresses, Suits, and Outfits

    This baby blessing dress has a bodice that is ornamented with an eyelet cover and the bottom trim is also of open floral eyelet. This dress is classic!

    not rated $69.99 Select options

    BJ96GS1 230x365 LDS Blessing Dresses, Suits, and Outfits

    Satin Gown with Rose Lace Trim

    not rated $53.49 Select options

Special Occasion Baby Gowns, LDS Blessing Dresses, Outfits, and Suits

Our LDS baby blessing gowns are charming and elegant! You will find ones from simple to fanciful to meet any preference and all are great quality. We also carry heirloom bags to help preserve your time-piece for future generations.

See our selection of baby blessing accessories for those adorable white baby booties, blessing caps, baby blessing dress slips, special occasion baby blankets and more to complete your outfit. Our beautiful heirloom-quality LDS baby blessing outfits and gifts are lovingly designed and carefully selected to make your child's blessing day memorable.

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