Baby Blessing Details: Don’t Forget the Accessories

A Reminder for Baby Blessing Details

Baby’s big day is around the corner! Wow, did it come fast and you are realizing that you still need to prepare. The family invites are all out and you know who will be participating in the prayer circle. But only now are you realizing everything else still needs to be planned out. Really. A few short weeks ago you were in labor and the ensuing short weeks were there to recover. Barely are you either figuring out some sort of schedule with your newborn or learning to juggle another child. When was there time to actually plan an event that you are hosting?


Of course, that all depends on how long you wait to actually have the blessing. In my case, my first child was easier since we waited a couple of months after she was born. With my second, however, we needed to plan it one short month out- no, less that that! Because of the way it lined up with the holidays and family travel. It was important that my Father-in-law was present. Between a mystery birth date, not knowing how big your infant is really going to be, and any other miscellaneous unknowns along the way, you may find yourself scrambling to pull the blessing day together.


I have seen quite a number of orders from our Boutique go out in rushed delivery so I know I have not been the only one in that boat. Almost all of those orders are for a single item- the dress or suit. But what about booties? Or what about a special white blanket? Did you check if you needed a slip? You may think you are good to go with just the main item of clothing but that’s like buying a car without A/C or power windows. You can get away with it but is your child really dressed for the occasion? If you are going to go through the effort of getting that special dress, don’t forget the accessories!


I bring this up because I have learned over and over that the details matter. For instance, I recall years ago planning a small activity that I was put in charge over. There was supposed to be cake for a celebration and I had enough to cover all in attendance. Only, I forgot to plan on a knife to cut it. Luck would have it that there was no knife anywhere to be found once I realized my folly, not even a plastic one. Especially when you have less time to plan a baby blessing, or you aren’t looking for your own outfit, those small things can be easily overlooked until in the moment when you realize you missed it. Don’t forget about those baby blessing details!


You may not need a white bib or diaper cover, and white socks are fairly easy to come by, but stop and take a moment to think about that special day. What season is it and what will the weather likely be? What overall look do you want your newborn to give? Is there a special piece, such as a blanket, that would be a nice reminder of that day? What will be hard to track down at the nearby store if you don’t get it now? Special items in white are not so easy to find.

Baby Blessing Details for Dresses or Suits

Here is a list of Baby Blessing Accessories to consider:

  • Booties/ Shoes
  • Bib
  • Blanket
  • Socks
  • Slip
  • Diaper Cover
  • Garment Bag
  • Bow if you choose not to wear the bonnet


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