Debbie – Taffeta Baby Blessing Dress


The Debbie Dress – Baby Blessing Dress

This Baby Blessing Dress is lined with a lightweight taffeta, making it seem very delicate yet is easily hand washable. An embroidered diamond pattern makes up the bodice, which is lined with ribbon on the bottom and decorated with a white flower and ribbon streams. Matching flower and ribbon are sewn to a simple bonnet. The doll sleeves are also trimmed in a sheen.

Taffeta is crisp yet soft and smooth to the touch. It is famously lustrous and shimmery in appearance.

This Baby Blessing Dress is made of nylon tricot and is hand washable. 25 inches, shipped on plastic hanger in polybag. Heirloom Preservation Bag suggested for long term preservation.

Sizes available: 3,6,12 month.


Baby Blessing Dress of Nylon tricot with taffeta overlay.