Hannah – Baby Blessing Gown with Venice Lace


The Hannah Gown – Baby Blessing Gown

This baby blessing gown is charming with all of its Venetian lace and detail! The dress features a wide inset panel of lace and cutwork down the entire front of the skirt. It replaces the hem in front with a scalloped edge. The lace stretches across much of the bodice as well and overlays the gathered waist with a scalloped edge too.

Doll sleeves gather at the top and at the straight hem at the bottom. It has a wide hem around the skirt and simple rounded neckline. The same wide lace, ribbon, and scalloped edge match the bonnet with the dress perfectly.

This baby blessing gown is 26″ in length and is hand made in cotton. It is shipped with a plastic hanger and poly bag. The heirloom preservation bag is recommended for long term storage.


A scalloped edge is one with semi-circles instead of the straight fold of regular fabric. Here, the unique edge of the lace itself creates the hem and edges.

Cutwork, or cut work, is a technique where portions of the material is cut away and is reinforced or tied in with lace or embroidery, giving it exquisite detail.


Sizes: 3, 6 and 12 month