Jaimee – Baby Dress White with Cut Work


The Jaimee Dress – Baby Dress White

This Baby Dress White is fashioned with columns of lace cut work and elegant hand embroidered flowers along each front panel. Wow! A scalloped hem-line is just as youthful and the neck, skirt, and bonnet are all trimmed with intricate lace. The Bonnet also gathers at the crown and ties with ribbon in the front. Doll sleeves that give a small poof out are gathered at both seems. This Jaimee Baby Dress White is unique and gorgeous!

Handmade from 100% cotton, 26″ in length, bonnet and slip included. Shipped with elegant padded heirloom preservation hanger and zippered vinyl garment bag. Please email or call with any questions!

Sizes: 3 month


Baby Dress White with Hand Embroidery and Lace