Alexander – Boy Blessing Outfit in Silk DP57CS


The Alexander – Boy Blessing Outfit

This Boy Blessing Outfit Coverall is made of 100% silk dupioni for that exquisite, one-of-a-kind look sure to impress all. This outfit features three buttons down the front and lattice design on either side from the neck to the waist. Both, the short sleeves and the pant have wider hems. The greek-style hat, with a very wide lattice design trim gives it an english look. In itself, this captain hat adds all the style to this outfit.

Dupioni Silk is illustrious and shiny yet crisp and wrinkle resistant. Each piece of fabric is its own. Often used in formal wear for its shimmer, it is absolutely beautiful on children. Please note that all natural silk fabrics inherently have slubs from the fibers that should not be mistaken as flaws but a uniqueness to each piece.

The hat for this boy blessing outfit is included. Shipped with heirloom preservation hanger and zippered vinyl garment bag.

Sizes: 3, 6, and 12 month


Boy's Coverall with Diamond Stitching