Geneva – Blessing Dresses for Infants


Geneva – Blessing Dresses for Infants with Exquisite Detail and Fagoting

Our Blessing Dresses for Infants are all finely made and this one has astonishing detail. The French lace that trims the Peter Pan collar is added by fagoting. This same design carries around to the back of the dress, as shown in images here. The bodice of this gown has embroidery across that follows the shape of the scalloped lace underneath in a half circle. Underneath is beautiful cutwork where lace is inserted and then frills over the many pleats where the bodice is hemmed.

The puffed sleeves are also trimmed with delicate lace. The yoke and hem of this dress live up to the detail of the top. Scalloped lace here is also inserted in cutwork in two rows, where the cotton fabric is cut out and lace is inserted. The cutwork overlaps itself in a fancy loop at the top with embroidery in the middle and all around it. The scalloped edge of the hem is trimmed in same French lace.

There is pleating down the back also from the bodice seam. Two buttons close the dress at the top in the back. The bonnet is trimmed in lace and has embroidery at the top around the edge. It is pleated at the crown and ties. The slip is trimmed with lace at the bottom, around the neck, and also the arm holes. Tiny embroidery embellishes the front just above the hem.

Fagoting is embroidery where threads are crisscrossed over an open seam to join it together. It is a detail seen in many 1930’s fashion.

How exquisite to cloth your little child in Blessing Dresses for Infants, something so fancy and elegant yet perfectly child-like. Nothing was spared from this design. Cotton blend, matching bonnet and slip are included. The outfit ships in a plastic zippered garment bag with hanger.

Sizes: Newborn/3, 6/9, 9/12