Tavi – 100% Dupioni Silk Blessing Dress


The Tavi Dress – Silk Blessing Dress

This Silk Blessing Dress is remarkable. Made of 100% silk dupioni, The lattice bodice sets off the rest of the dress well. The long skirt gathers in folds from the patterned bodice and flows down to a wide hem. The plain skirt shows off the elegance of its material. Small doll sleeves give a darling poof with folds and creases. The bottom of the sleeves are hemmed tightly. The bonnet is also decorated with a wide brim of the same lattice design.

Dupioni Silk is illustrious and shiny yet crisp and wrinkle resistant. Each piece of fabric is its own. Often used in formal wear for its shimmer, it is absolutely beautiful on children. See more on Dupioni from our blog.

Sizes: 3, 6, and 12 month


100% Dupioni Silk Blessing Dress with Lattice Bodice

Sizes: 3, 6, 12 mo